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Drainage is a problem for most home and business owners. If there is poor flow water will naturally pool which can cause issues over time. NewSouth offers services that change the flow of water with grading, flow-wells, and drain boxes to divert water from your home or business.

We offer to install underground drainage for gutters using a 4" diameter PVC piping or black corrugated pipe. This allows for water to travel uninterrupted and leave the area around the house significantly drier  and lessens the chance of water damage to the foundation or yard. 

Maybe you are looking to stop your neighbors water from washing across your yard? NewSouth has solutions to help divert the flow of water to a more desirable location. (rock-bed, river stones, creek bed) 


Irrigation is essential for any healthy yard. We offer full installation of irrigation systems.  We can install a new system or connect into pre-existing lines and add new zones. We can repair damage that has caused the current irrigation system to fail. (cut line, crushed sprinkler heads)  

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