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Types of Sod


There are several factors in deciding the best sod for your home. Most factors revolve around simple natural things; Climate Temperatures, Shade, Seasonal Droughts, and Foot Traffic.

We offer seeding as well, though it is quite messy. This method is normally cheaper, however, it leaves the area covered with hay and takes 2-3 weeks before grass takes. 

Sod is the fastest way a home or business can be surrounded with grass. Methods of installation vary as the seasons change, and each yard is treated uniquely. Most methods for installation of sod require the old surface grass to be removed and racked to a smoothed surface. The next step is the installation itself  and followed by proper fertilizers to bring balance  to the ground for the grass to take root. 

Zoysia is a very good grass for Georgia; it's capable of living in warm temperatures, shaded areas, high foot traffic areas, and low maintenance. 

Bermuda is also very good for Georgia; it's capable of living in the same conditions as Zoysia. The difference is that Bermuda does not fair well in shaded areas.

Fescue is a cooler weather grass, meaning it does not fair well in hot summers. Normally mixed with other grass to make it more resistant to wear and tear. Fescue is not a very good grass if there is high amounts of foot traffic, this grass is not easy to maintain. However it is the softest and very appealing to the eye.

Sod Insallation

Geo Zoysia
Zeon Zoysia
Myers Zyosia
Emerald Zoysia
Tall Fescue 
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